Frequently asked questions

Does Driverse have a physical store?

At Driverse, we unfortunately do not have a physical store. Instead, we have chosen to offer an online webshop to our customers, as it gives us the opportunity to offer our quality products at a fixed low price, quickly delivered directly to the door or the requested parcel shop.

I am in doubt as to whether a product fits my car

We endeavor to inform which brands, cars and vintages certain products fit, as far as possible.

For example Brand > model > year

Do you have all items in stock?

At Driverse, we strive to constantly have all our available items in stock. It is therefore possible for us to offer a very hasty delivery time.

Can I get more information about a product?

At Driverse, we strive to provide as detailed descriptions of our products as possible.

If a product description does not contain enough information, you can contact us here

Can I return an item?

Yes, when you shop with us you are protected by a right of return, to which you can return the product within 14 days of receipt.


You can read more about this here .